Dirty Frenchman aka Pascal was born in 1965 in France and moved to the US in 1989 to escape the French Police, the street life and drugs.

Pascal has been working as: a sex worker, photographer, musician, cameraman, plumber, waiter, bartender, set designer, prop designer, costume designer, bondage master, actor, art restoration, social worker, heating technician, driver, radio and club DJ, music producer, master craftsman, guilder, painter, etc…

Dirty Frenchman his a bohemian, he traveled at early age and lived in many European cities doing things most people would not do to survive. He always had an appetite for new and out the ordinary experiences.

Today Dirty Frenchman is considered has a pervert from most of the people he talks to. He dislikes fake boobs, American porn, meat heads and women without natural smell. He love to eat and sodomize a nice hairy butt hole. He does not have one-night stand anymore and try to really appreciate intimate moments at his best. He is ready to experience more debauchery and exiting adventures.

So if you need a friend, a lover, a teacher, a master or simply you need answers, you can drop him a line.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Another Wednesday

Went to The Dive last night and it was a little boring. Three young girls were just next to me and my buddy, they came with a little dog and I guess dogs like me so I started to talk to them but I could not get anywhere with there stupid conversation. One of them was pretty natural looking with a nice little butt, could not stop looking and imagining having my face between her legs, she was posing her ass right in front of my face, standing with her knees on the bar stool and trying to order drinks from the bartender. I think she was just playing but she was not confident. Came back home at 1:00 AM and went to bed. I woke up late and decided to not going to work today, I'm very horny and I think I will always be that way.

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